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We're hugely excited to finally release a selection of behind-the-scenes photos of a very special project from Ellen Von Unwerth! 

Ellen Von Unwerth, ex-London Boutique Manager Rachel Bothamley and Sascha Lilic 

German director and high fashion photographer Ellen Von Unwerth has just released the first issue of her new publication, VON Magazine. We're utterly delighted that our lingerie has featured in the initial issue, especially as our Portobello Road Boutique was also the set for this amazing shoot starring Winnie Harlow and Eden Bristowe, styled by Sascha Lilic. 

Ellen Von Unwerth snaps Eden Bristowe in our Padded Bullet Bra on Portobello Road. Photo by Rachel Bothamley 

Eden Bristowe in our Peach Hollywood Robe. Photo by Rachel Bothamley 

Winnie Harlow having a makeup touchup! Photo by Rachel Bothamley 

Eden Bristowe takes a moment for a cup of tea behind the counter, wearing our Padded Bullet Bra, Maitresse Nouveau Deep Suspender and Glamour seamed Stockings in Black. Photo by Rachel Bothamley 

Time for a lie down in our Glamour Seamed Stockings! Photo by Rachel Bothamley 

The "Fight Issue" themed shoot saw the models staging a mock-fight among the displays of lingerie. Photo by Rachel Bothamley 

The models also wore a range of Bespoke Corsets made for the shoot while posing in our dressing rooms. Photo by Rachel Bothamley 

Our vintage corset counter proved a brilliant spot for a photo! Photo by Rachel Bothamley 

Model Winnie Harlow later shared some of the final images on her Instagram and we love the finished result! 

Photo courtesy of Insta/@winnieharlow

Photo courtesy of Insta/@winnieharlow

Photo courtesy of Insta/@winnieharlow

Photo courtesy of Insta/@winnieharlow

Photo courtesy of Insta/@winnieharlow

Order your copy of VON Magazine here! 

Let us know what you think of this shoot in the comments below!


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