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Our gorgeous CC09 Lingerie has been a feature of our collections since 2009. Vintage enthusiasts will be delighted that we've just released a new garter belt to complete this set! 
Vintage Lingerie | CC09 CC41 Reproduction Retro Bullet Bra
We created our original CC09 set in 2009, based on real vintage pieces from Katie's personal collection. The CC41 logo stood for "controlled commodity" and was the British Board of Trade's approval stamp for footwear, furniture and clothing which met the austerity regulations in the decade after 1941. During this time clothing was made with minimal material and limited elastic to save these valuable resources. We took these design considerations into account when creating this Forties-style set (although in a moment of weakness we did make it from beautiful soft satin instead of a dull cotton!) 
Vintage Lingerie | CC09 CC41 Reproduction Retro Bullet Bra

Our new CC09 Suspender Belt is really the star of the show! We've just released this beauty for the first time in both peach and black satin colourways, and we're so excited about this design. We used an original 1940s auxiliary (military issue) suspender belt as the starting point for this piece. Made almost entirely from non-stretch fabric, the original piece would have had to fit the wearer perfectly! 

Vintage Lingerie | CC09 CC41 Reproduction Retro Bullet Bra

 Taking this into account, when we recreated this design we updated the pattern to include powermesh panels for comfort and stretch. Although back in the day suspenders usually only had four straps, today most stocking wearers are more comfortable in six, so we added an extra two suspender straps to the original pattern. We've kept the side fastening row of hook and eyes on this belt for that authentic look, and put a little bit of decorative stitching on the front panel to match. 
Vintage Lingerie | CC09 CC41 Reproduction Retro Bullet Bra

Giving an authentic 1940s shape to the bust, the CC09 Bra is based on a vintage pattern that we've graded up to suit a modern range of busts. A lot of our customers are Forties fashion enthusiasts, but because bra design was really in its infancy then it was rather hard for us to produce a period-perfect Forties bra that would stand up to modern requirements of fit and comfort. We've recreated this stunning and simple design in keeping with the CC41 requirements, with minimal elastic and using just a few seams to create its beautiful shape. 
Vintage Lingerie | CC09 CC41 Reproduction Retro Bullet Bra
We've photographed our CC09 Suspender with our Harlow Nouveau Deep Knickers in the previous pictures, but for the full Forties look you'll need a pair of our light and floaty CC09 French Knickers like Lillian wears above! These beautiful satin tap panties are perfect for wearing over suspenders to smooth down strap lines under your outfit. 
Vintage Lingerie | CC09 CC41 Reproduction Retro Bullet Bra
fully fashioned stockings
Finally finish off with a pair of authentic 100% nylon Fully Fashioned Stockings and you're Forties fabulous! 

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