seamed stockings | yellow mustard seamed stockings

Over the last 18 months we've gone colour crazy when it comes to seamed stockings. It so happens that Parisian designer Christian Dior introduced coloured nylons in 1953 so although naysayers might claim they're not authentic at What Katie Did we side with Dior! In fact, I have a pair of vintage silk seamed stockings on my desk at the moment in a beautiful shade of blue... but that's another story.

seamed stockings | yellow stockings

To tell you the truth, I thought we'd run out of colour combinations for our Glamour Seams, but a few of you mentioned the word 'mustard' and when I mentioned it in the office everyone thought they'd look great. We've used a sheer nutmeg leg as a base for these yellow seams as we felt champagne and mustard would look too bright.

vintage fashion inspiration

I'm wearing our new mustard seams with a dress by Collectif (alas, it's last season), along with their Jean Bolero (currently on sale). The shoes are by US brand Bait: this year, after years of being veggie I've finally gone leather free and Bait's entire range are non leather. Jewellery is by Splendette and hair flowers by Shazam. My green scarf is what I call a 'Nana knit' - from a town hall craft fair, probably knitted by a Nana. Nana knits are the best!

seamed stockings | mustard seamed nylons

So the next question is what comes next in the world of What Katie Did seams. As you can see from the swatch card below we've already used most of the choices! 104 is our new mustard, 305 our pink, 306 our red, 315 claret, 401 purple, 504 blue, 515 sky, and 605 green.

A few of you have asked for navy blue. Navy blue is actually number 505 and although the swatch card won't look 100% accurate on screen you can see it's very, very dark. We tried a navy blue seamed Fully Fashioned Stocking a few years ago and the navy just looked black, in the end we had to go for a slightly lighter blue but it still looked extremely dark.

seamed stockings colour swatch

Of course, a darker nude (to join champagne and nutmeg) is an option, but it will depend on sales of nutmeg as we have to make the stockings in high volume. Definitely in the pipeline is a larger size seamed stocking.

I have a meeting with our stockings factory next week so if you do have any ideas please let me know: or strike up a conversation on our Facebook social group.

Model: Katie 
By What Katie Did:
Mustard Glamour Seamed Stockings, S/M or M/L - $15.00 - arriving early Spring 2018
By Other Designers:
Jean Shrug by Collectif

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