Comparing Waist Cinchers and Corsets


We did an amazing shoot with model Sugar Rush last week filming a variety of cinchers and corsets in the same lighting, on the same day, so you can see exactly how they look and the different shapes they give.

But that's not all, we've also got a couple of previews and a new addition which is available now: yes, our Vamp Corset is back!


Take a peek at our new video which starts with our Glamour Waspie (the most popular item of lingerie in our collection) and finishes with our new Extreme Vamp Corset.

New: Extreme Vamp

Yes, our Vamp Corset is back and it's more extreme than ever! Designed specifically for experienced waist trainers or the naturally very curvy. Please do check the measurements by the corset to ensure that this is the right corset for you before ordering (and check out our seasoning video below!)

Should our Extreme Vamp not be quite suitable for you, a standard version will be here by the end of May so there won't be long to wait.


While we were shooting model Miss Sugar Rush in our cinchers and corsets we thought it only sensible to shoot her sans cinching so you see the difference each garment makes.

In the video above we start with our Glamour Waspie which gives subtle definition, through to our Demi Waspie Corset which gives a more defined waistline (and which will be here by the end of May) and lastly to our Vamp Extreme for the ultimate in curve enhancement!

Seasoning Your Corset


We often get asked about seasoning corsets at What Katie Did and it really is a term we hate! We feel it puts the onus on you, the customer, should the corset not fit - when in fact it's highly probable that the corset was the wrong shape for your body in the first place and it was never going to fit!


In this video Katie discusses the seasoning myth, and explains that the cut of the corset, and how close it is to your measurements, is what ensures a great fit - not seasoning.


The great thing about powermesh shapewear and cinchers is that they do result in a noticeable difference to your silhouette while your body does not need time to adjust to them like it does with a corset.

This makes them ideal for wearing for special occasions, whether a wedding, party or when you're wearing a tight vintage dress and are worried about splitting the seams!

The new Demi corsets featured in our video (due end May) are half way between a powermesh cincher and a non stretch corset.



Our Demi Corsets are made from a double layer of powermesh and have a much firmer double elastic waist tape and traditional lacing panel at the back - like a corset does.

This results in a more defined shape which is ideal if you find our Glamour waspies and cinchers aren't dramatic enough for you.

There is also enough of a cinch to satisfy long term corset wearers (including Katie!) and make a good 'lazy day' alternative if you wear a corset every day.


Get the Look


Jewellery: Splendette

Model: Miss Sugar Rush

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