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Fully Fashioned stockings are the ultimate in luxury legwear. Made from non-stretch 100% luxury nylon yarn, these stockings are the very essence of the elegance of the past. 

Fully Fashioned Stockings | Cuban Heel Foot Close Up Vintage Mules

One of the reasons that Fully Fashioned stockings are so hard to come by is the way they are made. Our stockings are still woven flat on vintage Reading machines, and the seam up the back is what actually holds the stocking together (hence the reason stockings were seamed in the first place!)

Fully Fashioned Stockings | Vintage Reading Machines Knitting Flat

A single Fully Fashioned Stocking will take about an hour and fifteen minutes to knit, excluding the time it takes to seam. The delicate nature of the nylon also means that FF stockings manufactures end up with a lot of "seconds" or imperfect pairs that have caught or snagged during the process. Another problem is that the parts for the vintage machines are increasingly hard to find if they break (and we have had one or two hold ups here at WKD caused by just that!) 

Fully Fashioned Stockings | Stockings Knitted Flat Without Seam White Undyed

Here you can see the flat stocking being ironed before the seam is added. All Fully Fashioned Stockings are made from white yarn, and dyed to the desired colour. When the design involves a contrasting colour, different yarn is used which doesn't take the dye in the same way. 

Fully Fashioned Stockings | Vintage Seaming Machine

The stockings are still seamed by hand, and are dyed afterwards. The seamer works incredibly quickly, keeping an even tension on the stocking. The two halves of the heel design are seamed together her so you can see the final pattern. The machines are so delicate that changing the settings for some patterns only happens a couple of times a year. After they've been seamed, the stockings go into the dye bath to be dyed. 

Fully Fashioned Stockings | Finished Copper Cuban Stockings Awaiting Inspection

And finally the stockings come to us to be packed and shipped out to our wonderful customers!  

Fully Fashioned Stockings | Cuban Heel Black

Shop our Fully fashioned Stockings below:


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