Our Guide To. . . Fully Fashioned Stockings (Part II)

Fully Fashioned Stocking Guide | Black Cuban Heeled Stockings

Now you know how your luxury Fully Fashioned stockings are made, now's the time to find out a little more about our heel styles! 

What heel type you choose is really down to your personal preference as all were available in the 1950s, including outline and contrast. 

Our Cuban Heels are our bestselling style. With their signature chunky block heel they're not only incredibly sexy but also period-perfect for your true vintage outfits or special occasions.

Fully Fashioned Stocking Guide | Black Cuban Heel

Our Black Cubans (above) are our bestselling FF Stockings. Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, these beauties are the perfect starting point for your Fully Fashioned Collection. 

Fully Fashioned Stocking Guide | Copper Tan Cuban Heel

Here you can see the Cuban Heel design a little more clearly on this Copper version of the same stockings. The elongated square heel is what makes the classic Cuban shape. Copper is an excellent colour choice if you have slightly darker skin, or are looking for a mid-tan colour to accompany vintage suits. 

Fully Fashioned Stocking Guide | Champagne Cuban Heel

If you're paler-skinned, or after a nude finish, try our Champagne versions, as seen above. As you can see, the heel type of the Cuban is a beautiful elongated rectangle, (which has the effect of making your ankle look more slender!). 

Cuban Heeled Stockings are also available in Pewter Grey and Navy colourways to match every outfit. 

Our Point Heeled stockings have an elegant point finish. Also known as French Heels, they were a favourite of Paris Couture Houses of the 1950s and were still being made by Aristoc up to the early 1990s.

Fully Fashioned Stocking Guide | Black Point French Heel

Available in Black or Champagne, Point Heels are a good choice to pair with more modern style lingerie, and higher stiletto heels.  

Fully Fashioned Stocking Guide | Champagne French Point Heel

These Havana Stockings are a variation of the Cuban Heel. Shorter and wider, they make excellent daytime legwear, as the wide reinforced area helps prevent your shoes rubbing and catching on your stocking! They have an intriguing cut away detail under the sole which lovers of FF stockings will be captivated by.

Fully Fashioned Stocking Guide | Black Havana Heel

Our Special Designs are usually only knitted twice a year. Ultra-luxe, every girl needs a pair of these beauties in her drawer for a special occasion! They also make the perfect present for someone special.

Fully Fashioned Stocking Guide | Black Empire Heel

Our Empire Heels (sometimes called Manhattans) are the most detailed design we make. The beautiful art deco pattern on the heel echoes the shape of the Empire State Building. These are the stockings to whip out for those most special of occasions - cocktail parties, clandestine meetings and close encounters! 

Fully Fashioned Stocking Guide | Contrast Copper Black Cuban Heel

These Full Contrast Cuban Heels are a striking pair of stockings that are perfect for a grand day out! The Copper leg is a warm gold tone that gives a light sheen and tanned look to the leg, while the Black welt, seam, heel and foot really catch the eye. Ideal to wear with a really flash day-to-night vintage suit! 

Fully Fashioned Stocking Guide | Champagne Contrast Red Cuban Heel

And finally, our Champagne & Red Contrast Seamed Cuban Heels are a personal favourite of Katie herself. Our classic Champagne Cuban design is lifted by a lipstick-red flash of a seam to bring out your inner vintage vamp! 

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