March 29, 2019 2 min read

Where are all the Fully Fashioned Stockings?


We were hoping that by the time we showed you this video we'd be all stocked up with Fully Fashioned Nylons but alas, it wasn't to be. Although we do have lots of Champagne in stock and a few Black Cubans have arrived, Black Points are still at the dye house. Katie explains everything in this week's video

The Perfect Fully Fashioned Storm

he beginning of 2019 has seen the perfect storm when it comes to Fully Fashioned Nylons with challenges left, right and centre. Just when we thought we were in the clear there were issues with the dye house, and as I write this we've just found out that the machine that makes our fancy heels is officially broken. As there isn't a spare part handy (the factory has one machine for spares but it can't help in this case) one has to be specially engineered.


The Reading Machines that make Fully Fashioned Stockings are big, slow and temperamental and have a top speed of 30 pairs per hour. As there are only

four factories still making these beautiful nylons in the world, demand often exceeds supply.

At What Katie Did we order up to six months in advance for our standard Cuban and Point Heels (fancy heels are on order for longer) in the hope that we will always have stock available and it is rare that we are out of stock for more than a couple of weeks.

This time around we've been caught on the hop but are expecting a huge delivery in the next two weeks.

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As we've had issues with fully fashioned production, in future it's better to set them to sell out and add stock to our website when it arrives. This is what we have done with fancy heels and non black nylons for the last couple of years but always thought we had enough black on order to ensure no gaps! This does mean you will have to use the 'email me when back in stock' button which pops up to the left of your screen when you hover over something that is 'sold out'. Annoying as it might be, it's better than us taking your money and you having to wait a month or even two for shipping. In addition, we promise to keep you up to date in our email newsletters and social media when new stock arrives.

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