Seamed Tights | Seamed Pantyhose | 1950s Seamed Tights

When it comes to emulating the glamorous fashions of the 1940s and 1950s it's thr little details that make all the difference. In these decades you would have worn hosiery, and it would have had a seam: it wasn't possible to make nylons without a seam!

f you're not a fan of stockings, don't despair as we make a capsule range of Seamed Tights which give you the same look, without the need for garters.

Our Seamed Tights are made from the same nylon elastane mix as our Glamour Seamed Stockings but are a little less generous in size.

Seamed Tights and Stockings

Our Seamed Tights are made from a sheer 15 denier nylon and elastane blend. The term 'denier' is the weight of the yarn. In the 1940s and 1950s the sheerest yarn was 15 denier, but you can find modern hosiery as sheer as 7 denier and as opaque as 100 denier.

If you are new to hosiery check out our video that explains the difference between tights/pantyhose, stockings and stay ups/hold ups.