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On Film (new video weekly)

Eco Friendly Lingerie

Introducing Storm: our first lingerie range to incorporate recycled fibres.

Behind the Seams

The story behind our Nutmeg Seamed Stockings.

Business Talk

Discussing photographic copyright laws from and brand and model perspective.


Vintage Lingerie: The Greta Story

Bra design in the 1950s was still in its infancy which is why recreating vintage designs for a modern audience sometimes doesn't go exactly to plan.

Corset Tips: Corsets in Hot Weather

Do mesh and single layer corsets really make a difference in hot weather? The short answer is no, but I also take the opportunity to show you the difference between a sports mesh corset a traditional three layer corset.

All About Girdles (Pt II)

A couple of months ago I made a video about girdles (at the bottom of this page) where I discussed the different types of 1950s girdles but it appears there are a few things I missed. In this follow up video I talk more about the fit of girdles and have invited burlesque performer Jessabelle Thunder to show them off to their best advantage.

1940s and 1950s Style

When creating your vintage fashion outfit for 1940s ad 1950s events Seamed Stockings are a must (hush hush and on the qt: we also make Seamed Tights)

CC41 (1940s) Lingerie

Taking a look at 1940s lingerie, in particular English lingerie that was made under the CC41 label which was used during the WWII rationing period. It might be no surprise that the CC41 label was started in 1941, but did you know that rationing in the UK actually didn't finish until 1951?

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