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Vintage Lingerie: The Triumph Doreen Bra

Triumph’s Doreen Bra has been in continuous production for over 50 years, but all good things come to an end and Triumph recently announced that it was discontinuing Doreen.

Vintage Lingerie: The Cathedral Bra

The story behind how and why we redesigned our Cathedral Boned Bra: update, this bra is now available in black as well as peach.

A Touch of Vintage: Copenhagen

Meet Karen Hartig, owner of 'A Touch of Vintage' based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The first in a series where we introduce you to What Katie Did stockists around the globe.

Vintage Fashion: The Cocktail Print

I bet you think that this colourful 1950s cocktail print was inspired by one of my finds from California? Hmmm, would you believe me if I told you the original piece was found in a sleepy little town in England?

Meet the Team: Kelly

If you've ever wondered if a pair of stockings can fix a fan belt check out this feature about Kelly; our UK mail order manager, and her Model A Ford.

Vintage Fashion: The Peasant Blouse

When it comes to creating an easy Summer 1950s look nothing can beat a classic peasant blouse which evokes the vintage glamour of a Mediterranean vacation.

New Article: The Kimono

You might have already seen my video on Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk, but as the Victoria and Albert Museum which host the exhibition is currently closed due to Covid-19 I've expanded it into a full feature. Enjoy!

Chiengora Stockings

Take a peek behind the seams in today's video which will tell you all about our unique Chiengora stockings and the eco-friendly fibres they are made from. We believe they really will be a complete game-changer in the world of Seamed Stockings.

From the Bunker: A New Week, A New Bunker

It's the start of a new week - how are you doing? this week we're making further adjustments at What Katie Did - this is what we're up to.

Meet the Team: Lucia

Hi everyone, old and new! My name is Lucia (Chia) and I have worked at the London Boutique in Portobello for almost a year and a half. I am currently not at at the shop, we closed in early March due to the coronavirus but hopefully I will able to return soon!

From the Bunker: There's a New Model in Town!

Our Jean Kaftan has arrived but all our shoots are currently on hold due to the Coronavirus so I'm stepping in!

Vintage Fashion: The Wrap Top

If you love vintage fashion and are a fan of waist cinchers and corsets it can be difficult to find pieces that fit your corseted and natural curves. I show you how versatile wrap tops are.

What Katie Did: Come and Get to Know Us

Come and get to know us. Katie takes you behind the seams Burbank, California shipping centre and our photo and design studio in England.

Vintage P.N. Corset found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market Pasadena

My best ever find at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. Yes, I know I had my 'best ever find' last year - but that was 2019 and now it's 2020!

1930s Tuppence Dress in Crane Print

Meet Tuppence, the latest vintage inspired dress by What Katie Did. This time we're going back to the 1930s with a bias cut tea length dress with matching bolero.

Corsets Postpartum

This week I tackle the controversial subject of wearing corsets after birth. Are there any advantages of wearing a corset after pregnancy? What are the pros and cons?

1950s Fashion: The Shirt Dress

When it comes to 1950s fashion one of the most versatile pieces is the Shirt Dress. In this video Katie tells you a little about our Lucy Shirt Dress in black cotton, along with a few styling ideas.

1940s Fashion: The Arlena Dress

This week I tell you the story behind our 1940s Arlena dress which was inspired by a piece I found in Chinatown Los Angeles. A few changes have been made - let me know if you like them.

New: Vintage Inspired Fashion by What Katie Did

'Without foundations there can be no fashion' - Christian Dior. For 20 years What Katie Did has focused on creating the perfect foundations to go under vintage and vintage inspired clothing. Today Katie talks about our new line of clothing designed from the inside out!

Havana Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings

What's so special about Havana Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings? Today I show you the difference between the Havana heel and her more common sister, the Cuban heel, and explain why if you dress true '40s/50s vintage the Havana might just be the one for you.

Why Victoria's Secret Affects Your Social Media Reach (if you're not a Victoria's Secret model)

Do you post pictures of you wearing lingerie on social media - for fun or as part of your job - and are frustrated about reach and 'nipplegate'? Today I discuss why social media finds certain female figures too provocative.

Vintage Bras are Complicated! Replicating Vintage Pieces

What goes into replicating a vintage bra? And why it doesn't always work out... plus a hint of what we've got coming in a couple of months.

Fast Fashion vs Slow Fashion

Fast fashion is a hot topic at the moment with the environmental impact of it hitting the headlines. Not much is said about the pressure the factories are put under to make fast fashion at ever cheaper prices and ever faster turnarounds. I've discussed the impact of fast fashion in-depth with factory managers so you can really find out what happens Behind the Seams.

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