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* Pre-order for shipping early October
* Comfortable, glamorous 1940s inspired soft cup bra
* Made from soft satin, bottom of cup very lightly padded with 3mm foam
* Choose from black or peach satin
* Team with pieces from our CC09 collection or any of our other peach or black lingerie


This glamorous 1940s style bra is a soft cup style: as bras were in the 1940s. The shape it gives is very slightly conical, which will give you a 1940s/50s silhouette perfect for every day wear.

As well as a wearable 1940s shape, this bra features beautiful vintage style stitching on the bottom half of the cup.

Moving more up to date, we have added a few modern features to make this bra more wearable than her vintage sisters. The straps are elastic (they would have been non stretch in the 1940s), the band is powermesh, and the bottom half of the cup is lightly padded (with 3mm foam) for support and fit. These little additions give you a 1940s look with the comfort and support we expect of bras today.

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