1940s Map Tap Pants L6110

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* Easy fitting 1940s style French knickers in soft satin 
* Lightly elasticated back for ease and comfort 
* Fasted by a single button at each side
* Made from satin 100% polyester with cotton gusset 

These beautiful 1940s style Tap Pants are perfect if you're a fan of 1940s fashion. Escape maps used during WWII were recycled into lingerie, blouses and even dresses. 

Our vintage map is digitally printed on to the same soft peach satin we use for our other peach lingerie. The exact pattern will differ with each item, so no two pairs will be exactly the same.

Unlike our CC09 Tap Pants which have a none stretch waistband which, from experience, either look fantastic on you or don't work at all, we've added a section of elastic at the back of this style. The elastic makes for an easier fit on a wider variety of body shapes. The buttons are fastened, one each side, with a little elastic which are easier to do up than our CC09 version. 

What Katie Did uses boutique brand sizing. These Map Tap Pants have elastic at the back so there is a good 4" leeway on the fit of the waist.

Dress Size 6 - 25"/62.5cm waist, 35"/87.5cm hip
Dress Size 8 - 27"/67.5cm waist, 37"/92.5cm hip
Dress Size 10 - 29"/72.5cm waist, 39"/97.5cm hip 
Dress Size 12 - 31"/77.5cm waist, 41"/102.5cm hip
Dress Size 14 - 33"/82.5cm waist, 43"/107.5cm hip

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