Bullet Bra Maitresse Curve L6072

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  • Larger cup sizes generally have more stretch to the band due to the bigger wire spring. As our bullet bras are not underwired, and only have a small piece of elastic they don't stretch as much as modern day bras.

    In the images here Miss Deadly Red wears a 32FF which she says she felt very comfortable in. When wearing a high street brand she normally wears a 28GG and I personally felt that a 30G might have been a slightly better band fit - if we made one. Miss Deadly Red does not wear bullet bra pads in the images.

    If you are a F or FF cup I would consider going up a band size and down a cup size. If you would like to check before ordering please drop Teri a line (at 36F she fits into our Curve Bullet Bra) with your underbust measurement and the size and brands you normally wear - design@whatkatiedid.com

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