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* If you love 1950s fashion then our iconic Maitresse Bullet Bra is an essential addition to your lingerie collection
* Expertly graded for a modern fit on fuller busts
* Smaller than a DD cup? Check our out Maitresse Nouveau Bullet Bra designed for smaller busts
* Soft cup (your breast fills the cup to make the bullet shape just like in the 1950s) 
* Mostly non-stretch band with elastic centre front and back for fit
* 2 row, 3 column hook fastening at back
* Satin: 100% polyester

Bullet bras were originally available in cup sizes B to D. Goodness knows what happened if you were bigger than a D cup (note: you would have just gone up a band size or 3, hardly ideal). When we launched our Maitresse Bullet Bra in 2003 we used traditional grading methods and really pushed them as far as we could.

Over the last decade bra fitting and grading has evolved considerably so we decided to take our bullet bras back to the drawing board. The result is an amazing fit whether you're wearing a C cup or FF (as Miss Deadly Red is in the images here).

If you're a DD or E then you should choose your normal bra size. For F and FF cups please read the sizing notes below.

Larger cup sizes generally have more stretch to the band due to the bigger wire spring. As our bullet bras are not underwired, and only have a small piece of elastic they don't stretch as much as modern day bras.

In the images here Miss Deadly Red wears a 32FF which she says she felt very comfortable in. When wearing a high street brand she normally wears a 28GG and I personally felt that a 30G might have been a slightly better band fit - if we made one. Miss Deadly Red does not wear bullet bra pads in the images.

If you are a F or FF cup I would consider going up a band size and down a cup size. If you would like to check before ordering please drop Teri a line (at 36F she fits into our Curve Bullet Bra) with your underbust measurement and the size and brands you normally wear - design@whatkatiedid.com

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