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* 1950s vintage inspired 'Cathedral' boned bra in black satin
* Unique vertical boning on the cup to give a pushed up 1950s shape
* Black satin with black stitching on the cups, semi sheer top half of cup
* Adjustable straps, hook and eye fastening at back
* Tip: bend over to coax your breasts into the cups for a perfect fit
* Made from satin 100% polyester, sheer 100% nylon

Our unique Cathedral bra makes a return in a limited size range (just until we regrade) in classic black satin.

The cathedral boned bra was popular in the 1950s, giving the bust a glamorous pushed up shape so often seen in vintage photographs of movie stars.

The bra features two vertical bones in the cups which coax the breasts into shape. The cathedral bra is a great alternative to the conical shape the bullet bra gives if you're after a 1950s shape.

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