Curve Seamed Stockings Ch/Claret H2079

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* Introductory price

* Dazzling contrast seamed stockings with a sophisticated deep red claret seam
* Full contrast with claret foot, seam and stretchy welt to ensure you stand out in the vintage crowd
* Designed to fit 5ft 1 to 5ft 9 (154-180cm) thigh 28-36" (71-91cm), dress sizes approx US 14-22
* Manufactured from sheer 15 denier nylon in Italy, the heart of quality hosiery manufacturing
* All of our stockings require a Garter Belt to hold them up

We're thrilled to introduce our Curve Seamed Stockings in claret. We're not able to introduce a Curve range in all of our colours all at once (cos $$$!) so we looked at our best selling colour which is Claret! 

These nylons feature a super wide 15cm welt, the widest the knitting machines can make! When stretched it does become narrower but still retains a nice wide retro depth and is super stretch so it won't dig in.

We do plan to introduce more colours but it will be a slow and steady process so please be patient. 

* Designed to fit 5ft 1 to 5ft 9 (154-180cm) thigh 28-36" (71-91cm), dress sizes approx US 14-22
* Model is a dress size US 16 and 5ft 7 and these nylons were a little too large on her (but still totally wearable)
* Knitted from sheer 15 denier nylon on a slightly looser weave than our standard version for stretch. This does make these nylons slightly more delicate
* Made from a blend of stretch nylon and elastane for a comfortable fit
* Made in Italy

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