Glamour Cuban Heel Stockings Ch/Coffee H2074

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* 1940s & 1950s style Cuban Heel Seamed Stockings
* Full contrast with coffee foot, seam and welt on a champagne leg to ensure you stand out in the vintage crowd
* Opaque foot and reinforced toe, so ideal if you find your toe goes through other sheer nylons
* Manufactured from sheer 15 denier nylon in Italy, the heart of quality hosiery manufacturing
* Made from a blend of stretch nylon and elastane for a comfortable fit


We've gone for traditional neutral contrast colours for our Glamour Cuban Heeled stockings as we think they'll appeal to people who are into more traditional vintage as opposed to repro: but let us know if we're wrong. 

If champagne and black Cuban Heels are just a bit to modern looking for you, then up your glamour game in 1940s style with these sheer nylons with a deep coffee foot, seam and welt. 

They're made from the same 15 denier nylon as our point heel Glamour seams, but the foot and heel is more opaque. If you have a pair of our point Glamour Seams and look closely you'll see that the contrast toe, foot and seam isn't totally opaque. Well, with these new darlings they are! Not only does this make the heel detail very bold and striking, but should mean that the toes are more hard wearing.



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