Glamour Cuban Heel Stockings Ch/Latte H2073

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  • You can tell we love our coffee at What Katie Did! Traditional daywear Fully Fashioned Stockings of the 1940s and 1950s tended to be a little thicker than those of today so the seam and heel detail were more visible. We've added a slightly darker 'latte' foot, seam and welt to mimic the vintage look. After all, if you're wearing seamed nylons you really want the seams to be visible!

    They're made from the same 15 denier nylon as our point heel Glamour seams, but the foot and heel is more opaque. If you have a pair of our point Glamour Seams and look closely you'll see that the contrast toe, foot and seam isn't totally opaque. Well, with these new darlings they are! Not only does this make the heel detail very bold and striking, but should mean that the toes are more hard wearing.

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