Gloves Long Satin A2017

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* Vintage style long shiny satin opera gloves made exclusively for What Katie Did
* Adds an elegant finishing touch to retro cocktail dresses
* One size with lots of stretch to fit most sizes
* Made from 85% nylon, 15% Spandex

Unleash your inner Gilda with our opera-length satin evening gloves. They work wonderfully with fashions from almost any time period, having been popular for over three hundred years.

Whether you're a burlesque star, Steampunk damsel, film noir-style femme fatale, or just attending a black tie ball, you'll always look the part with a pair of long gloves. And you can have a lot of fun seductively peeling them off at the end of the evening!

These long satin gloves have just the right amount of stretch, so they fit a variety of sizes.

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