A2016 Long Sheer Gloves

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* Elegant long sheer black opera gloves, the perfect finishing touch to vintage cocktail dresses
* One Size
* Made from 100% nylon, with a little stretch to fit most sizes

Seductively sheer, opera-length evening gloves are the perfect way to add a saucy finishing touch to your party dresses and burlesque costumes.

It doesn't matter which era you prefer - over-the-elbow gloves have been almost continuously popular since the 18th Century, worn by everyone from Regency ladies, to Victorian actresses, to Dior's New Look models and devotees. Sheer gloves are, of course, a more modern invention, but ours are so very sophisticated - a true, timeless classic!

Our sheer gloves have a little stretch so that they fit a wide range of sizes.

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