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* Fully Fashioned Stockings with an outline heel reminiscent of Manhattan's Empire State Building
* 100% non stretch nylon
* Made on vintage Reading machines in the UK
* Finishing loop and sewn seam (yes, these are the real thing!)
* Please read sizing advice before ordering

Surely the ultimate - and most elusive, Fully Fashioned Stocking? Why are Empire (or Manhattan) heels so hard to come by? There are only a couple of factories still making this heel style in the world and to change from the standard Cuban or Point Heel means manually changing all the machine settings. It's only really viable to do this once or twice a year, so if you're a fan of outline heels, grab them when you can!

Our Empire Fully Fashioned Stockings are made in England, on vintage Reading knitting machines. Fully Fashioned Stockings are made from 100% non stretch nylon which makes sizing critical. Please read the sizing info before ordering if you are new to non stretch stockings.

Should we be out of stock of your size, please register your interest by clicking the 'waiting list' button and you'll be the first to know when they're available again.

* These stockings are made to fit the average dress size 8 to 12 woman (US). If you are smaller than this please try the size below, if larger please go up one size. Please do not be tempted to go up more than one size as these stockings are non stretch nylon and this will lead to wrinkly ankles!

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