Merry Widow Glamour Nouveau L3035

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  • Our Glamour Nouveau Merry Widow is sized by bra size.

    Bra sizes roughly co-ordinate with the following dress sizes:

    32" - WKD dress size 6

    34" - WKD dress size 8

    36" - WKD dress size 10

    38" - WKD dress size 12

    If your bra size does not match your body size you might like to experiment a little and delve into the mysterious world of bra cup grading.

    A bra cup size 38B will be the same as a 36C, 34D, 32DD. Hence if you are normally a bra size 34D but a small dress size 6 you might want to try the 32DD corselette which will have the same cup size as a 34D, but will be smaller around the body.

    This grading works across all bra sizes so:

    Cup size 32F = 34E, 36DD, 38D, and so on.

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