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* 1960s style pin up panties with black satin detailing at the front
* Designed to match all What Katie Did lingerie in black satin
* Geometric satin front panel with stretchy powermesh sides and back for a comfortable fit
* Made from satin 100% polyester, powermesh 88% polyamide 12% spandex

These 1960s low rise panties look quite simple don't they? In reality a lot of thought and effort has gone into the design of the. If you team them with the deeper version of our Maitresse Garter Belt you'll find that the two black satin panels match top to bottom.

Smaller knickers are often cut with a skimpy back, but we've kept the cut of these knickers very generous to keep your bottom fully encased!

These knickers can be worn with either of our Maitresse Garter Belts, and will also match all black satin items from our Glamour and Retro ranges.

What Katie Did uses boutique brand sizing. Order your usual panty size, using your hip measurement as a guide.

Dress Size EU 36 - 23"/58cm waist, 33"/85cm hip
Dress Size EU 38 - 25"/62.5cm waist, 35"/87.5cm hip
Dress Size EU 40 - 27"/67.5cm waist, 37"/92.5cm hip
Dress Size EU 42 - 29"/72.5cm waist, 39"/97.5cm hip
Dress Size EU 44 - 31"/77.5cm waist, 41"/102.5cm hip
Dress Size EU 46 - 33"/84cm waist, 43"/107.5cm hip

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