Vamp Extreme Corset L4096

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  • This dramatic silhouette was inspired by Tinseltown horror queen, Vampira. Played by the fabulous Maila Nurmi (who boasted a rumoured 36"-17"-36" figure) Vampira stalked the screens of the Fifties in a state of perpetual Gothic glamour.

    The Extreme cut of our Extreme Vamp means it is really only suitable for those with vintage figures - you will need a 10 inch (25cm) or greater natural difference between waist and hip measurements. It is an ideal corset to move on to for more reduction if you've outshrunk less curvy styles.

    The sizes below are reduced waist sizes (i.e. the corset size when it is closed). You will need to deduct 4-5 inches (10-12.5 cm) from your waist to determine your corset size. Please see our Sizing Notes for more information.

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