Waspie Corset Luna Extreme L4094

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* Curvier version of our Luna corset
* Less restrictive than a full underbust corset, our Luna corset is ideal for wearing on more active days
* Designed so that the back of the corset sits over your bra strap to minimise back fat
* Modesty panel sold seperately
* Please deduct 4-5 inches (10-12.5 cm) from your waist to determine your Baby corset size
* Satin with cotton twill lining and modesty panel
* Spring steel busk front opening and a combination of 16 spiral and 3 flat steel bones

Extreme version of our Luna corset, with an additional 2" skimmed from the waist. Ideal for if you want to size down from our standard Luna, or are already very curvy.

Luna is an updated version of our popular Baby corset. We've made the top of the corset just a little bit longer which will help eliminate any back fat, yet still result in an amazing silhouette.

Luna's small size makes it incredibly comfortable and easy to wear on a day-to-day basis, with little restriction of movement. For corset newbies this allows you to get a dramatic look without training, while if if you are waist training it makes an ideal 'lazy' corset for when you've got a busy day and don't want to be too confined.

While Luna is a very easy corset to wear, it's not recommended for daily training as it doesn't provide support for the lower tummy area: feel free to wear it a few days a week, but be sure to equal out your training time with a longer corset.

These corsets are designed to work hard and reduce your waist by up to 5 inches/12.5 cm. Please deduct 4 -5 inches (10-12.5 cm) from your normal waist measurement to work out your corset size: a natural waist of 28 inches/70 cm will give a corset size of 24 inches/60 cm, whilst a natural waist size of 31 inches/79 cm will give a corset size of 26 inches/66 cm.

* length along busk 8"/20 cm
* centre back length 10"/24.5cm
* underbust to hip 6.5"/17 cm
* side seam from top of corset to waist 3"/8 cm
* side seam from waist to bottom 3"/8 cm

Measurements when completely closed, 3" up and 3" down from the waist. We recommend leaving a gap of 3, working down to 2, inches at the back of your corset. The 2-3 inches will have to be added to the rib and hip measurements below depending on the size of the gap you require.

Extreme Luna 18"/46 cm, ribcage-22.75"/57.5 cm, hip-26.5"/67.5 cm
Luna 20"/51 cm, ribcage-24.75"/62.75 cm, hip-28.5"/72.5 cm
Luna 22"/56 cm, ribcage-26.75"/68 cm, hip-30.5"/77.5 cm
Luna 24"/61 cm, ribcage-28.75"/73 cm, hip-32.5"/82.5 cm
Luna 26"/66 cm, ribcage-30.75"/78 cm, hip-34.5"/87.5 cm
Luna 28"/71 cm, ribcage-32.75"/80.5 cm, hip-36.5"/90 cm
Luna 30"/81 cm, ribcage-34.75"/88.25 cm, hip-38.5"/98 cm

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