Ziegfeld Waspie L6115

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* Art Deco vintage style waspie to accentuate your waist
* 4 detachable garters
* Elastic waist tape to aid cinching 
* Hook and eye fastening at front, spiral steel boning
* 8"/20.5 cm long
* Made from satin 100% polyester, powermesh 88% polyamide 12% spandex

Cinch your waist for a retro hourglass look with our Ziegfeld Nouveau Waspie. This little cincher is inspired by the waspies worn under Christian Dior's New Look gowns to create a cinched in waist.

Powermesh waspies and waist cinchers will not give the dramatic curves of a non stretch steel boned corset as they do contain stretch fabrics. However our cinchers and waspies should give a noticeable reduction to the waist.

The look you achieve will depend on your body composition. If you are a 'squishy squirrel' as one of our models delightfully describes herself then you will get more of an hourglass shape than if you have a lot of core muscle.

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